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Make phone calls through the PC's Internet connection
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Call landline and mobile numbers directly from your PC. Use the home screen to see how much credit you have left and to access your contacts list.

FreeCall is a client for making VoIP calls. The term VoIP (voice over IP) makes reference to communication protocols and technologies involved in supporting voice communications that are performed over IP (Internet Protocol) networks, like the Internet.

In order to install the utility, you need to make a user account first. A bandwidth test will then be performed, as well as sound device tests. If the tests work well, you can proceed with using the utility for making phone calls. The user interface is structured on different tabs. A "start" tab is meant for showing you your account credit, the "contacts" tab lists your contacts and a dial pad is provided in another tab. You can add contacts either by specifying a landline/mobile number or contact details of another FreeCall user. Two of the available tabs are for making phone to phone calls, by specifying your own number and that of the recipient, and for sending sms texts. All in all, the user interface is an intuitive and easy to use one.

The website provides you with a list of calling and sms rates. Free destinations are also available for the first 90 days. By logging in on the website, you will be informed on the payment methods that are available for you, according to the country you want to call from.

Briefly, FreeCall is a utility that allows you to make VoIP calls, so that you can lower the cost of your phone bills if you need to make international phone calls.

Margie Smeer
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  • Intuitive user interface
  • A solution for lowering the cost of phone bills, especially if you need to make international phone calls
  • Multilingual user interface (13 languages to choose from and the option to load a custom language file)


  • The sound device test might not return good results
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